Elektronengehirn: concert reqPZ

Malte Steiner Audiovisual electroacoustic concert by Malte Steiners project Elektronengehirn. The input of piezo contact mics are taken and analyzed with Pure Data controling sound and graphics. The usage is between percussion trigger and pick up, sometimes the piezo sound is used directly, in other parts only as controldata for synthesis. Duration: 20 – 30 […]

OSC controlled realtime visuals with the gameengine Panda3D

Malte Steiner Workshop about creating OSC controlled realtime visuals with the open source game engine Panda3D (https://www.panda3d.org/) which I use for my Industrial / IDM project Notstandskomitee. Panda3D is programmed in Python and can import complex, bone controlled animations which can be made for instance with Blender. Triggerd via OSC messages it can be controlled […]

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