Dorkbot Piksel – talks andpresentations in a show & tell style at ØSTRE saturday 23.11 11-16.
Free entrance!

MicroFlo: flow-based programming for microcontrollers

Jon Nordby MicroFlo is a flow-based programming runtime for microcontrollers (like Arduino); allowing you to program stand-alone microcontroller projects in a visual manner. In a wider scope, the project aims to explore whether one can make complex heterogeneous and interactive systems easier to understand, develop and verify – by using tools and approaches focused on […]

F.A.T. – Free Art & Technology

Geraldine Juarez, Magnus Eriksson The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab is an organization dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media. Release early, often and with rap music. This is Notorious R&D.

Creating Performance Systems with Pd, Raspberry Pi and Arduino

John Bowers, Sten-Olof Hellström, Tomas Nygren This is a proposal for a workshop to explore the opportunities for building simple, yet complete, sensor-based musical performance environments using open source, free/libre software and hardware. In particular, we will focus on the joint use of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pure Data, and simple peripheral electronics. The workshop will […]

Todas las líneas llegan a NAZCA – All the lines arrive to NAZCA

Oscar Martin Correa Presentation of the work-lab developed in the winter residence “poetic infrastructures” at Nuvem ( rural space for art and technology between july and august 2013. Brazil. todas las líneas llegan a Nazca – All the lines arrives to Nazca It is proposed as a helicoidal laboratory of research and experimentation on the […]

The Open Modular Synthesizer

Peter Edwards The Open Modular Synthesizer or OMS is a new standard of electronic musical synthesizer design which celebrates the intuitive physicality of analog synthesis, the expansive potential of modern digital methods and the inventive power of open, crowd sourced media. I have been working on OMS over the past year as a masters student […]


Federico Bonelli Trasformatorio is about settling and developing an annual laboratory for performative arts in a remote community in Sicily: Montelbano Elicona (province Messina). This laboratory focuses on development of innovative site-specific performances and theatre installations, in close connection with the landscape, history and traditions of the people of Montalbano. A group of international artists, […]

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