Performances and concerts at ØSTRE.
Festival passes can be picked up and paid for at the festival desk at Franz : Navle or at the door for live events.
(Daypasses are 80 NOK each, festivalpasses 150 NOK)


Afroditi Psarra Idoru() is an interactive sound performance that explores wearable technology and the body as an interface to control sound. The project wishes to address issues of body augmentation through the use of electronic textiles, creating an enhanced hyper-body, that generates useful data, that can be translated into frequencies and thus, generate an interactive […]


Peter Edwards “Through a process of improvisation I seek out behaviors which are pleasing to my senses and beyond my ability to fully understand and predict. At this point I am both performer and audience, free to viscerally appreciate the experience as well as drive it forward. I then transform these behaviors into new states […]

20 Oscillators in 20 Minutes

Darsha Hannah Hewitt In this performance I challenge myself to build twenty sound generating square wave oscillators in twenty minutes. This involves fabricating small electronic circuits with wires, chips, small components and nine-volt batteries under the pressure of limited time and expectation. This is a test of my technical abilities and an exercise in embracing […]

The Data Klubb

Geraldine Juarez, Raquel Meyers Google gives you “free” services in exchange of your private data. The data collected is exploited in many ways, mostly for target you with advertising and in the most extreme situations can be turned over spy agencies from governments with way too much computing-power and the wrong dose of paranoia. All […]

CrisisRus – network | re: work

LaptopsRus In recent years, we observed the economic crisis manifested in anti-austerity outcry in southern Europe (notably in Greece, Spain, Portugal), we were made aware the widened gap of North-South within the European Union. The ‘crisis’ however does not limit itself in euro-zone alone. October 13, 2012 marks the day of Global Cacerolazo (dubbed global […]


Víctor Mazón Gardoqui Dealing with tactics and techniques of non-visibility, as well as activist strategies towards mass media and propaganda, Mazón Gardoqui’s performance reveals the fragility of public wireless communications, through the use of custom made wireless blocking devices. Confronting national and corporate wireless communications, the performance blocks any commercial communication, for a controlled period […]

Dr. Nexus

Dr. Nexus The project dr. nexus presents at this years piksel festival is based on DIY equipment all build on various workshops – such as: solar sound modules, radio transmitter, synthesizer modules, electronic noise modules, etc – and will take you into a full and intense audio experience.


Anis Haron A live improvisational sound performance, exploring the idea of repurposing obsolete information by means of analysis and synthesis. It is performed with a handmade instrument (Floppy) and a program written in Pure Data. The instrument generates sound by reading data from previously used 5.25 inch floppy disks with magnetic tape heads. Serving as […]

Elektronengehirn: concert reqPZ

Malte Steiner Audiovisual electroacoustic concert by Malte Steiners project Elektronengehirn. The input of piezo contact mics are taken and analyzed with Pure Data controling sound and graphics. The usage is between percussion trigger and pick up, sometimes the piezo sound is used directly, in other parts only as controldata for synthesis. Duration: 20 – 30 […]

Mind The Volcano!

Raquel Meyers, Anders Carlsson Mind the Volcano is a text-based TV-performance with a typewriter logic. All the visuals consist of text characters, based on words and images from books. The music is arranged and even composed live in a text-based software, shown as a part of the visual story. Words, images and music work closely […]

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