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Peer to peer sunset

Mark Beasley

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Azahara Cerezo Brother, can you spare a dime? is an application controlled by stock quotes in real-time. It consists in rewriting the Facebook Ad Guidelines text in real-time depending on the Facebook stock quotes in Wall Street. This proposal sits between the Installation and Pikselsaver category because what users can see is a screen with […]

F.A.T. – Free Art & Technology

Geraldine Juarez, Magnus Eriksson The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab is an organization dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media. Release early, often and with rap music. This is Notorious R&D.

GIF and the City

Geraldine Juarez, Magnus Eriksson GIF and the City — Why be a star, when you can be a GIF? The GIF file format creates a short loop from a sequence of images that can be embedded in websites. The format originates from the early days of the web where video was out of the question […]

The Data Klubb

Geraldine Juarez, Raquel Meyers Google gives you “free” services in exchange of your private data. The data collected is exploited in many ways, mostly for target you with advertising and in the most extreme situations can be turned over spy agencies from governments with way too much computing-power and the wrong dose of paranoia. All […]

Noise Make-up Language

Luka Frelih I propose to hold a workshop on using NML – creating scenes, livecoding and using the audience’s input. A few (3) hours long, it should end with a audiovisual jam where all the participants livecode or make noise together. It was used in a performance at Piksel 11 and also partly coded / […]


Louise Harris cs2 is a nine-minute, fixed media audiovisual work in which audio and video interact in a pre-defined and very specific way. cs2 is one of a series of pieces examining chaotic systems. The visual system involves a series of relatively simple calculations, but using sound to push the system to its extremes causes […]

CrisisRus – network | re: work

LaptopsRus In recent years, we observed the economic crisis manifested in anti-austerity outcry in southern Europe (notably in Greece, Spain, Portugal), we were made aware the widened gap of North-South within the European Union. The ‘crisis’ however does not limit itself in euro-zone alone. October 13, 2012 marks the day of Global Cacerolazo (dubbed global […]


Víctor Mazón Gardoqui Dealing with tactics and techniques of non-visibility, as well as activist strategies towards mass media and propaganda, Mazón Gardoqui’s performance reveals the fragility of public wireless communications, through the use of custom made wireless blocking devices. Confronting national and corporate wireless communications, the performance blocks any commercial communication, for a controlled period […]

Dr. Nexus

Dr. Nexus The project dr. nexus presents at this years piksel festival is based on DIY equipment all build on various workshops – such as: solar sound modules, radio transmitter, synthesizer modules, electronic noise modules, etc – and will take you into a full and intense audio experience.

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