Theremidi Orchestra
4-hour workshop of building DIY electronic instruments developed and used by Theremidi Orchestra.
The workshop will be conducted in a free manner and all interactions should be part of the process. Throughout the workshop some contextual historic and technological information will be given in a non-linear fashion.

TouchTone is a feedback amplifier system using all six inverters (inverting amplifiers) of the CMOS 4049
chip – said in simple words – TouchTone is a simple noise synth to be played directly with your fingers.
The board was insipired by Dirty Electronics and was developed by the Theremidi members.
MicroNoise is another synthesizer gadget with photosensitive controls (light sensor) developed by
Christoph Stähli and Marc Dusseiller SGMK ( and pimped by the TO. It’s a
simple type of double channel LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) and light dependent audio frequency
oscillator (OSC), whereby the latter is modulated by the former. That means that OSC is modulated by the
Theremini is a small theremin and hand proximity “instrument”.