Maria Colina Perez, Sergey Dushkin

1100-1783-1-SPEvery society requires a certain ideology. There is no society that is not held together by a single idea the same as there is no individual having complete freedom. Battle ME VS THE SYSTEM is the part of the system itself. By the XX-XI centuries this type of discrepancy has became apparent as we see how the power of capital dominates in the world. From the first look economic system seems to be fair and promises equal rights and opportunities for everyone but in the reality it`s distractive machine that is fighting against humanism. Ideology of capitalism is based on the representation human being as a buyer or product and it has to stimulate unreasonable demand. In such a socio-economic world order higher spiritual becomes unclaimed. Man is the product of the system, its value is determined by how much it costs. Direct evidence of the initiation of the global capitalist structure is the fact that we all use money. Although in reality – the money uses us. Installation “The Product of System” shows how a person becomes just another element in the commodity-money relations. Everyone who came to the exhibition have a banknote in his pocket, the visitor is invited to enter their name and number of banknote and immediately get a sticker with individual barcode, that is how the person will be attached to the system.