Luka Frelih

I propose to hold a workshop on using NML – creating scenes, livecoding and using the audience’s input. A few (3) hours long, it should end with a audiovisual jam where all the participants livecode or make noise together. It was used in a performance at Piksel 11 and also partly coded / improved there (in Knipsu). NML is a noisemaking propaganda network of browsers, DIY electronics, pure data and activist collaboration. some more information is at In noise we perform an environment to manifest a display of forces, it’s an environment more than a discourse, a space, or many spaces for noise to occur – a meta-discourse. Noise may still be occurring when there is sudden silence. Noise is similar to games. Noise is a sort of gaming environment where organization alternates with entropy. Using the web as a dynamic visual composition canvas lets us bring the performance to the many networked screens the audience has and establishes a game field where confrontations can be enacted by moving and transforming visual and textual elements under combined human and algorithmic control. The web is not only the lowest common denominator of today’s wide spectrum of computers, it is also an excellent vehicle for getting open source software on many of them – increasingly designed as appliances where programmability by the user is seen as a risk and not a desired feature.