Víctor Mazón Gardoqui

1175-1875-1-SPDealing with tactics and techniques of non-visibility, as well as activist strategies towards mass media and propaganda, Mazón Gardoqui’s performance reveals the fragility of public wireless communications, through the use of custom made wireless blocking devices. Confronting national and corporate wireless communications, the performance blocks any commercial communication, for a controlled period of time, in the surrounding area of the performance. Without any pre-recorded sound material and with the use of eight Radial devices, a non-commercial custom device designed by ://r-aw.cc, the performance set-up functions as a short-range transmitter capable of blocking any transmission broadcasting on the FM/UHF, WIFI, GSM, GPS spectrum.

VØID reveals the fragility of public wireless information networks and the power of subverting them through EM noise over obsolete technology.