Mario de Vega, Victor Mazón Gardoqui

About the workshop

LIMEN is a workshop about traffic & wireless telecommunications. Participants will construct an analog and portable device able to amplify into audible ranges electromagnetic activity produced by Bluetooth data transfer, WLAN, mobile phones, GPS, wireless phones, microwaves and several other electronic devices. During the workshop topics related with non-regulated traffic, vulnerability, data transfer interruption, obstruction and sniffing will be discussed.

About the device

LIMEN is an electronic device designed by to de-codify electromagnetic pollution produced by wireless networks. An analog and battery-operated receiver based on AD8313 IC able to amplify and demodulate frequency ranges between 0.1 GHz to 2.5 GHz produced by wireless based networks.

LIMEN amplifies and demodulates electromagnetic activity into audible ranges, exposing high frequency ranges produced by wireless devices overused in contemporary societies. This electromagnetic pollution is used by as an impulse to modify the acoustic space with audio visual performances, printed matter, lathe cut vinyl in different formats, objects, publications and pedagogic strategies. Through the process, several experiments have been produced ranging from the amplification of electromagnetic activity produced by wireless cameras attached to a balloon to the amplification of microwaves, computer based applications to visualize data traffic and public performances.