Oscar Martin Correa

correaPresentation of the work-lab developed in the winter residence “poetic infrastructures” at Nuvem (nuvem.tk) rural space for art and technology between july and august 2013. Brazil.

todas las líneas llegan a Nazca – All the lines arrives to Nazca

It is proposed as a helicoidal laboratory of research and experimentation on the electromagnetic forces, (both natural and artificial ) and the cosmic radiation present in the environment of the rural station Nuvem. Usually the electromagnetism are invisible forces that modulate and significantly affect the conditions of organic and inorganic reality, and that interconnect different levels, ranging from the cosmos, the planet earth, human and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Starting from an approach based on direct experience of the phenomenon and with the methodological intention of make a collision between different boxes of knowledge (scientific, extra-scientific, art, technology, etc..) the laboratory and their vectors are looking for the friction and induction of the edges of these intangible boxes-interfaces that we usually called as layers of abstractions or knowledge, and trying placed us in the membranes that mediate our daily experience of reality.

The wiki of the project http://nuvem.tk/wiki/index.php/Oscar_Martin works like the body of the lab and make the functions of documentation and exhibition of the materials and experiments developed in the 3 weeks of residence. The wiki contains texts, sound and land art, circuits and documentation from the various devices and prototypes developed as the magnetometer and the VLF receiver and antenna and photos and videos from the pulsar station one of the main works inside the lab.

electromagnetism, cloud, antennas, particles, lines, laser, solar wind, geomagnetism, kitchen table, magnet, mirror, pyramid, radiostesia, telluric, VLF recordings, bamboo, fluxgate, magnetomer, landscape, venus, shortwaves