Romain Papion (APO-33)

APODIO is a 10 years old Gnu/Linux distribution, dedicated to multimedia tools for audio/visual creation, to run your own radio, TV, make your own film, animation, art installation, Live Coding and other A/V performance… .

APODIO is a GNU/Linux platform containing audio, text-friendly, 3D, Streaming, graphic, Live Coding and video tools. It can be used as a liveDVD or be installed on a partition of your hard disk (on any PC 32bits to Mac Intel). APODIO is a GNU/GPL project, a part of the GNU/Linux Ubuntu family: APODIO uses XFCE desktop for this 9th version. APODIO can easily and quickly be installed, as a whole, coherent, pre-set and instantly ready system on your computer, rather than a ramshackle combination of packages, And what you see as you use the LiveDVD is also what you get after the installation. APODIO respects the free/Libre software tradition because it fully supports XUbuntu without upsetting XUbuntu’s convenient software packages and administrative scripts and because the liveDVD generative scripts are always accessible : once you have installed APODIO, you can generate a new liveDVD out of your own installation, onto another DVD. APODIO is a free project under GNU/GPL licence, that fully complies with the GNU spirit and standards, as it encourages knowledge diffusion and knowledge sharing in the practice of multi-media tools, rather than just replacing an economic dependency with a technical one. APODIO is part of a long term undertaking – not just a one off achievement.

This workshop aim to newbies and non-free software users, mac addict and other non-libre corporation technology’s slaves!