Afroditi Psarra, Constanza Piña

1075-1784-1-SP<3-bit shirt is a workshop on wearable technology and sound experimentation. The aim of the workshop is to create a shirt capable of capturing and transmitting your heartbeat though the use of analog electronics. The workshop consists on building an amplifier circuit on fabric and incorporating a piezo element to capture the heartbeat and an embroidered speaker-coil and a magnet to be able to listen to it. Though the workshop the participants will be able to engage in the process of making electronic textiles and will share a fun hands-on experience with other like-minded individuals. Participants: This workshop is open to anyone who might be interested in exploring and experimenting with wearables and e-textiles. No background in electronics is necessary. Workshop duration: 9 hours in three days Calendar:First day: introduction to electronic textiles and creation of an embroidered speaker coil on fabric Second day: design and implementation of the amplifier circuit Third day: incorporating the piezo element and final testing