Artemis Papageorgiou, Aforditi Psarra

1087-1812-1-SPHaptic City is an abstract city map of Athens, which responds to touch by emitting sound and light through its embroidered sensors and actuators. The project is realized through a series of workshops. The participants learn how to prototype and build DIY electronics on textiles using various components, in order to design and trigger a primitive digital soundscape.

Haptic City explores how cities are perceived by their users, the particularities of each area, the changes proposed. Participants are invited to subvert the collective and personal memory of urban areas and get emotionally and playfully involved by reconfiguring its map.

We aim to initialize this project in different cities around the world. We wish to create offline exhibitions and discussions, as well as an open archive online, in order to document the map-making and to gather questions about urban identity, functionality and participation.

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